Who We Are


Welcome to Athens, Greece! My name is Spiros. I am the owner and founder of Elite Tours. Here's a little background information about me. I was born in Thessaloniki which is located in northern Greece. When I was 9, I emigrated to the United States with my parents. I grew up in New York City and stayed there for 30 years. While in the States, I spent the majority of my years working in the transportation industry, driving a taxi and later on a limousine. During this time I learned what Americans like - friendly and efficient service. In the early 90's, my wife and I decided to move to Athens, Greece along with our son. With the skills and professionalism that I had built back in the USA I began organizing tours and showing people the beauties of Greece. As the years passed by my reputation grew. More and more people wanted to take a tour with me. I love what I do and always strive to deliver a perfect service to my clients. I would like to extend off of the latter and say that, whether you take a tour with me, or anyone else from my team, the end result will always be the same...Impeccable service! Please be sure to explore the tours and services that we offer. We look forward to seeing you in Athens soon!