Athens Transportation

Step into the excitement of Athens as you disembark at Athens International Airport, knowing Elite Tours is there to guide your journey. As your flight arrives at this bustling European hub, our welcoming drivers await your arrival at customs, ensuring a seamless transition to your Athens adventure.

Our services extend beyond mere transportation; our drivers are your local companions, providing valuable insights as you travel to your destination in Athens. Whether it's a hotel, cruise, business meeting, or multiple stops, Elite Tours offers tailored transfers. Cruise enthusiasts can benefit from our Athens airport transfers to major ports like Piraeus, Lavrion, and Rafina. Additionally, we offer half-day and full-day city tours, led by knowledgeable drivers eager to showcase Athens' treasures. From airport pickups to hotel transfers and onward journeys to cruise ships or Greek islands, Elite Tours ensures your Athens experience is stress-free and memorable. Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities as we make Athens airport transfers and beyond a seamless part of your Greek adventure.


Athens Airport Transfers

If your flight is arriving to Athens, you can rest assured knowing that one of our drivers will be there to help you along the way to your next destination. Especially if it is your first time in Athens, when your flight arrives in Eleftherios Venizelos, you’ll have plenty of options for transportation throughout the rest of your day. The Athens International Airport is the largest airport in Greece, and one of the busiest in all of Europe. Even if you have a flight delay, you won’t have anything to worry about—our drivers will wait for you to clear customs holding a sign with your name on it. This way, you’ll know exactly who to go to for the next step in your journey through Athens, Greece.

A transfer from the airport once you arrive in Athens is easier than you think. All of our drivers speak fluent English and are ready to help you along the way to your next destination. There are plenty of different options for airport transfers, depending on what you need once you arrive in Athens. And don’t worry—we’re happy to drive you back to the airport when your Greek adventure has come to an end.

When you book a driver to help you get from the airport to your next destination, you’re getting a friend who can help you navigate this new city. Although there are plenty of options for getting from the Athens International Airport to the city, from 24 hour express buses to the metro, taking public transportation can add more stress on you, especially if you’ve never been to Greece before. What you will get from having one of our drivers help you with your Athens airport transportation is something you simply can’t get from taking public transport. Our drivers will make it easy to understand where you are, while getting you to your destination on time. They are full of information, and would love to tell you about this city as you get acquainted with the area during your first moments here in Athens. Our Athens airport transfers make life easy, so that getting from point A to point B doesn’t feel nearly as overwhelming.

The first option you have for an Athens airport transfer once you arrive in Athens is to have your driver take you to your hotel or port, if you have a cruise scheduled for after you arrive. Our drivers are fantastic at getting you to your next destination on time, and are dedicated to making sure that you have a seamless transfer to your hotel, so you can relax after a long day of travel. If you are visiting Athens on business and are going to need transportation to multiple destinations after arriving, we will ensure that your driver is there for you, ready to pick you up and take you to wherever you need to go, so you don’t have to worry about navigating a new city all on your own.

If you are boarding a cruise after arriving in Athens, you can rest assured knowing that our drivers will help you arrive safely and on time, so that all you have to worry about is finding your driver once you get through customs. Most major cruise lines dock in Piraeus, and transferring to this port from the airport is something we do on a regular basis. You will not have to worry about missing your boat when you use one of our drivers to help you navigate Athens. While most major cruise lines dock in Piraeus specifically, the ports we transfer to include Piraeus, Lavrion, and Rafina. If you arrive at the airport early, and want to fill your day with some Greek exploration before boarding your ship, consider booking a full day or half day tour with the driver who picks you up from the airport.

If you would like to simply have a direct Athens airport transfer, you’ll of course have the option of going straight to your hotel. One highly recommended hotel close to the airport is Sofitel Athens Airport. This modern hotel is convenient for the business traveler, and perfect for the traveler on a budget.

If you don’t wish to go directly to your hotel, though, a day tour of Athens is a fantastic way to get to know a new city. If you have some extra time before you need to arrive at your hotel, port, or other destination, our drivers would be more than happy to show you around town on either a full day or half day tour of the city. No matter what, tour schedules are always flexible, and we’d be happy to adjust the tour to fit the amount of time you have in your day. A half day tour is the perfect option if you’re going to board a cruise ship in the afternoon and need something to keep you busy before your ship departs. If you’d like to go straight to your hotel in Athens and save a tour to take another day, a full day tour might be for you. These private tours will focus on showing you everything that Athens has to offer, including historical sites like the Acropolis. Each informative tour takes you to many of the major sites and attractions around Athens, and focuses on showing you all of the must-sees you can fit into your busy schedule.


Athens Port Transfers

When you arrive at Athens International Airport, you’ll be happy to know that you can arrange to have one of our drivers waiting for you at arrivals to transfer you to your next destination. If your next stop is your cruise ship, rather than a hotel, allow us to take care of all Athens airport transfers for you, as a transfer from the Athens city center to Piraeus Port and others is one of our specialties. While Piraeus is the most common port that many major cruise lines dock at, we will happily transfer you to Lavrion or Rafina as well. There are many different options when it comes to transferring you to your cruise ship from the airport.

To visit to go to one of the scenic Sporades islands (Skiathos, Skopelos, or Alonissos), you need to catch the ferry from Agios Konstantinos. We will drive you from the Athens airport, your hotel, or any of the ports.

Our friend Jeff Maziarek has up-to-date insider information on Alonissos. If you are planning a visit to Alonissos, you will find his website full of tips.

An Athens to Piraeus transfer is easier than you think. Each one of our drivers speaks fluent English, and they’re ready to help you navigate this new city no matter what you’re here to do, or if you’re only here as a connection between your flight and your cruise.

When it comes to transferring you from Athens to Piraeus, or any other port, you will have plenty of opportunities to see and explore Athens before getting on your ship. If your cruise ship is set to arrive the day of your flight arrival, our drivers are happy to take you directly from the airport to your port. A transfer from the Athens City Center to Piraeus Port is one of our specialties, and you’ll be guaranteed to make it on your ship on time. If you have a few hours before you need to be on your cruise ship, consider scheduling a half day tour of Athens. During a half day city tour, you’ll get to experience all of the most popular and important sites in all of Athens, from the historical Parthenon to views of the city. This is simply the best way to see the city of Athens before departing on the next part of your journey.

In terms of tours, there are also options for visitors to Athens who did not arrive on an airplane. For visitors on arriving cruise ships, there is the option to book a half day city tour of Athens during your time docked at the port. If your ship arrives in Piraeus Port and you’d like to see Athens in full during your time here, you’ll have the option of booking a day tour of Athens, which we can arrange to fit your schedule based on how many hours you have available in your day to explore. These tours will allow you to see everything worth seeing in Athens, so that you can get the most of your time here, even if it is only a day in our wonderful city.

If your ship will not arrive for a few days after you land in Athens, you will have plenty of options for seeing the city as well. Our skilled drivers are happy to pick you up from the Athens International Airport and help you arrive safely at your hotel (see Athens Airport Transfers for more information), and no matter where you need to go in Athens, our drivers can help you get from each destination to the next. We can easily pick you up from your hotel in Athens whenever your cruise ship arrives, and take you to board your cruise ship, or even help you to catch a ferry to a nearby Greek Island if that is the next destination during your Greek vacation.

These Athens port transfers can be catered specially for you so that you may get the best Greek experience during your time in Athens. Our drivers are here to help create a comfortable and timely transfer for you, so that you have nothing to worry about except enjoying yourself in the beautiful country of Greece.