The Caryatids of the Erechtheion at the Acropolis of Athens Greece.

Discover Athens in Half a Day

Duration: 5-6 hours


  • Starting Point

    We will pick you up from the port, airport or your hotel and start our tour.

  • Philopappos Hill

  • Acropolis

  • Parthenon

  • Theater of Dionysus

  • Temple of Olympian Zeus

  • Roman Agora

  • Panathenaic Stadium

  • Academy of Athens

  • Changing of the Guards

  • Mount Lycabettus

  • Plaka

  • End of Tour

    We will return you to the pick up point or prearranged destination.

Important information about your private tour


  • Tolls
  • Gas
  • Parking Fees
  • Luxury Vehicle
  • Licensed Tour Driver**


  • Entrance Fees
  • Food & Drinks
  • Licensed Tour Guide**
**Please note that all our licensed tour drivers are fully knowledgeable of the history of each monument in your tour's itinerary. However, by law licensed tour drivers are forbidden to enter any archaeological site and conduct tours. Only licensed tour guides are allowed to conduct guided tours on the archaeological site itself. Upon your request, a licensed tour guide can be booked for you at the archaeological site of your choice at an extra cost.


Get ready for a whirlwind adventure as we explore the captivating city of Athens in just half a day! This private tour is all about making the most of your time, ensuring you witness the city's highlights while indulging in your personal interests.

Philopappos Hill: Where Athens Unveils Its Beauty

Our journey begins atop Philopappos Hill, an enchanting spot surrounded by a sea of ancient olive trees. Grab your camera because the panoramic view of Athens from here is nothing short of magnificent.

The Acropolis: A Date with History

Next up is the legendary Acropolis, where history and mythology converge. Since this is your private tour, you decide where to immerse yourself: the iconic Parthenon, the enlightening Acropolis Museum, the graceful Temple of Athena Nike, or any other sites on this 'Sacred Rock' that beckon to you. And here's a bonus: your Acropolis entrance fee of 20 Euros grants you access to five other archaeological wonders, including the Theater of Dionysus and the majestic Temple of Olympian Zeus.

Museums Galore: Customize Your Experience

Depending on your interests, we can delve into the treasures of Athens' renowned National Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Cycladic Art, or the Benaki Museum. The choice is yours, and we'll help you decide during our consultation.

Panathenaic Stadium: Where Marble Meets History

Prepare to be wowed by the Panathenaic Stadium, a marvel made entirely of marble. It's the last surviving marble stadium in the world, and it even hosted the grand finale of the 2004 Olympics.

Monuments and History Unveiled

As we navigate Athens, we'll encounter historic monuments like the Academy, the University, and our National Library. Keep an eye out for the 'Marathon man,' a fiberglass statue dedicated to the legendary Greek soldier Phidippides, who ran from Marathon to Athens in 490 BC to announce victory, only to collapse from exhaustion.

Changing of the Guards: A Regal Display

Don't miss the impressive Changing of the Guards ceremony at the Presidential Palace. On Sundays, witness a unique show in front of the Greek Parliament, complete with 52 national guards and a band. Across from the palace lies the National Gardens, a serene escape for Athenians.

Kolonaki: Athenian Charm and Shopping

Our journey takes us through Kolonaki, Athens' answer to Soho, where locals gather for Greek coffee and chat in charming cafes. It's also a hotspot for designer shopping.

Mount Lycabettus: A Breathtaking Peak

Ascend to the summit of Mount Lycabettus, the tallest hill in Athens, reaching 277 meters in height. Atop this natural wonder stands the elegant Greek Orthodox Church of St. George (1852), offering breathtaking panoramic views of Athens—a photographer's dream.

Plaka: Shopping and More

Our tour concludes in the vibrant Plaka district, perfect for indulging in some Greek shopping. Plaka's name is derived from a historic stone slab found near the Church of St. George of Alexandria.

Culinary Delights:

During our journey, we'll savor the flavors of Greece with a delectable meal at a local Greek taverna.

This tour is designed with your interests and schedule in mind. Athens is a treasure trove of possibilities, and we're committed to crafting a meaningful and enriching experience just for you.