The temple of Apollo at Delphi

Embark on a 2-Day Odyssey to Delphi and the Mystical Meteora!

Duration: 2 days 1 night


  • Starting Point

    We will pick you up from the port, airport or your hotel and start our tour.

  • Lion of Chaeronea

  • Karakolithos Monument

  • Mountain town of Arachova

  • Ancient Delphi

  • Temple of Apollo

  • Temple of Athena Pronaia

  • The Tholos Monument

  • Museum of Delphi

  • End of DAY 1

    After seeing Delphi we will travel to Meterora where we sleep for the night.

  • 6 Monasteries at Meteora

    This is truly an awe inspiring site! We'll see as many monasteries as time permits.

  • End of DAY 2

    After seeing Meteora we begin our return journey to Athens.

Important information about your private tour


  • Tolls
  • Gas
  • Parking Fees
  • Luxury Vehicle
  • Licensed Tour Driver**


  • Entrance Fees
  • Food & Drinks
  • Licensed Tour Guide**
  • Hotel Accommodation


**Please note that all our licensed tour drivers are fully knowledgeable of the history of each monument in your tour's itinerary. However, by law licensed tour drivers are forbidden to enter any archaeological site and conduct tours. Only licensed tour guides are allowed to conduct guided tours on the archaeological site itself. Upon your request, a licensed tour guide can be booked for you at the archaeological site of your choice at an extra cost.


Fire up your sense of adventure because we're hitting the highway out of Athens, slicing through Greece's fertile farmlands. Gaze out your window at cotton fields, vegetable patches, and quaint hamlets. Surrounded by mountains that make up 80% of Greece's landscape, this drive is a feast for your eyes, especially in the blooming seasons of spring and summer.

A Moment with the Lion of Heronia

Our first pitstop transports you back to 338 B.C. as we visit the majestic Lion of Heronia. This stoic monument honors Theban soldiers who clashed with Alexander the Great and his father, King Philip II. While you're here, don't skip the museum—it's like a time capsule filled with stories and artefacts from this pivotal battle.

Onwards to Delphi

We press on, skirting the mountain-framed city of Livadia, to make a poignant stop at the Karakolithos monument. This unsung hero of stone pays tribute to the Greek Resistance against the Nazis. Then it's wheels rolling again, drawing us closer to our key destination.

The Charm of Arachova

Before diving into Delphi, we halt for a photo-op at Arachova, Greece's second most visited town. Famous for its stone houses and a killer ski resort, this village serves as an atmospheric prelude to Delphi.

Unearthing Delphi: The Navel of the World

A mere 8 km from Arachova, and you'll find yourself stepping into the mythological core of Greece—Delphi. Get ready for a sensory overload: To your left, you'll find the elegant Temple of Athena Pronaia, the mysterious Tholos monument, and the ancient gymnasium. To your right, the Castalian Spring murmurs, where the Oracle herself would purify before consulting Apollo.

Walking the Sacred Path

Stride along Delphi's Sacred Road, where you'll pass the bustling ancient marketplace, the Athenian Treasury, and the mighty Temple of Apollo. Ascend a bit more to discover an ancient theater, and finally, the Stadium—where muscle and might showcased in Pythian Games of yore. Wrap it up with a visit to Delphi’s enlightening museum before we ascend through the scenic Thessaliko Valley to Meteora.

A Night in Meteora

As the day winds down, we find ourselves in Meteora, amidst towering rock formations. Take a moment to relax, you'll need it for tomorrow's exploration.

Monastic Marvels of Meteora

Rise and shine! You're about to witness an architectural miracle—six monasteries clinging to gargantuan rocks. Dating back to the 14th century, each structure is a feat of human ingenuity and devotion. It's like walking through a dream.

Return to Athens

As the afternoon sun begins its descent, so do we, heading back to Athens, our minds and cameras full. One thing's for sure: This two-day odyssey will linger in your soul long after you've returned.