The Tholos temple at Delphi.

A Day with the Oracle: The Mystical Journey to Delphi

Duration: 9 hours


  • Starting Point

    We will pick you up from the port, airport or your hotel and start our tour.

  • Lake Yliki

  • Livadia

  • Monastery of Hosios Loukas

  • Arachova

  • Ancient Delphi

  • Temple of Apollo

  • End of Tour

    We will return you to the pick up point or prearranged destination.

Important information about your private tour


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  • Gas
  • Parking Fees
  • Luxury Vehicle
  • Licensed Tour Driver**


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  • Licensed Tour Guide**


**Please note that all our licensed tour drivers are fully knowledgeable of the history of each monument in your tour's itinerary. However, by law licensed tour drivers are forbidden to enter any archaeological site and conduct tours. Only licensed tour guides are allowed to conduct guided tours on the archaeological site itself. Upon your request, a licensed tour guide can be booked for you at the archaeological site of your choice at an extra cost.


Are you ready to unravel the secrets of the Oracle, witness jaw-dropping vistas, and plunge into rich Greek history? Buckle up, adventurer! Our full-day private tour to Delphi offers an epic journey from the heart of Athens to the 'Navel of the World.'

Start Your Engines: A Scenic Prelude

We'll start our engines early in the morning, cruising through Greece's national highway while the countryside awakens. En route, feast your eyes on farmlands boasting cotton, tomatoes, and watermelon. Oh, and let's not forget a quick pitstop around the 90th kilometer to marvel at Athens' lifeblood: its massive water reservoir.

The Mountain-Clad Valley & Livadeia: Nature's Grand Hallway

As we navigate a valley flanked by stoic mountains, we'll brush past the city of Livadeia—aptly named after its own valley. And if we're romancing the summer, expect a delightful detour to the quaint Krya Springs village for a refreshing café beverage.

Hosios Loukas Monastery: A Haven Amidst Olive Trees

Next, we're off to the 11th-century Hosios Loukas Monastery. But wait, we'll pause to salute a monument honoring Greece's resistance against Nazi occupation. As we proceed, we’ll meander through charming villages like Distomo and Stiri. Then comes the ‘wow’ moment: a sprawling valley dotted with olive trees and guarded by the monastery on its slope. Inside, you'll find a church mirroring Constantinople’s Agia Sophia. The recently refurbished guestroom is there, too. But it's the ethereal view—especially during spring—that's the real show-stealer.

Arachova & The Final Stretch to Delphi

Let's shift gears and glide through Arachova, a snowy winter wonderland morphed into a picturesque town. A quick 15-minute ride later, peppered with spectacular views of Mount Parnassos, we arrive at Delphi—home to the ancient world’s most famous Oracle.

The Soul of Delphi: Oracle, Treasures, and a Feast for the Senses

At Delphi, you're not just a tourist; you're a pilgrim stepping onto sacred ground. Witness the Tholos monument, the Gymnasium, and the mystical Castalian Spring. But the main course features the Sanctuary of Apollo, an ancient theatre, the treasury, and a stadium. Hungry for more? Our itinerary also includes the Delphi Museum and a lunch break at a Greek taverna offering breathtaking views of an olive-tree-filled valley.

Flexibility and a Relaxing Return

This is your tour, tailored to your pace. Need to relax mid-way? We'll break for lunch and then reconvene to cover any missed gems. Our odyssey concludes with a soothing drive back to Athens, complete with optional café pitstops for one last hurrah.