The Lion Gate was the main entrance of the Bronze Age citadel of Mycenae, southern Greece.

The Epic Four-Day Journey Through Greece's Timeless Wonders!

Prepare to step into a timeless realm as we journey through the wonders of Greece with Elite Tours - a tour that will ignite your passion for history and culture like never before. Our four-day adventure promises to unveil the secrets of this ancient land, with every moment filled with awe and excitement.

DAY 1: The Corinthian Quest

Rev your engines! Our adventure kicks off as we snake along the picturesque coastline of Corinth. Imagine the Aegean breeze ruffling your hair as we pull up to the marvel that is the Corinthian Canal. Fingers crossed, we might just catch a hulking ship navigating this engineering wonder. But let's not dally too long—Ancient Corinth beckons!

Step on hallowed ground where St. Paul once spoke to the Corinthians. As you wander among ruins kissed by Roman architectural flair, you'll encounter the Temple of Octavian and meander down the ancient Lechaion Way. Don’t miss the museum, a treasure trove of artful amphorae! Then, let's head for the hills—Acrocorinth awaits, hovering like an ancient guardian above the main city.

Our chariot winds through farmlands and charming hamlets. Apricot and olive trees stand as sentinels of the rich Peloponnesian soil. Next up, Ancient Nemea—the birthplace of ancient sporting glory—and Mycenae, where the echoes of Agamemnon still linger. End your day in Nafplio, where Venetian charm meets Greek sunshine. Lunch by the sea and a visit to the towering Palamidi Castle round out this jam-packed day.

DAY 2: The Oracle’s Odyssey

Strap in! We're making a beeline to Delphi, crossing the monumental Rio-Antirrio Bridge along the way. Take in vistas of idyllic islands and seaside villages as we cruise. But first, a pit stop at the quaint village of Galaxidi. Stretch those legs, and let’s savor authentic Greek coffee and pastries!

As the sun dips, we'll lay our heads at the charming Fedriades or Parnasos Hotel. Because tomorrow, Delphi—where the Oracle once whispered secrets to emperors and vagabonds alike—calls to us.

DAY 3: Delphi's Divine Mysteries

Gaze upon Athena Pronaia’s Temple as soon as you set foot in Delphi. You'll also spot the iconic Tholos monument and the Greek gymnasium—where athletes once flexed before the Pythian Games. Quench your historical thirst at the Castalian Spring, the Oracle's ancient cleansing spot, before ascending towards Apollo's sanctuary.

Your senses will be tingling as you traverse the Sacred Way—passing the marketplace, Athenian Treasury, and the Temple of Apollo. But we're not done yet! The ancient theater and the Pythian Games’ stadium await. And you can't leave without paying a visit to Delphi's exquisite museum. Lunch? A local taverna boasting vistas of an olive-tree-filled valley has got you covered. Then, it's wheels up towards Meteora!

Along the way, witness Amfissa’s legendary olive groves, climb the scenic mountain of Bralo, and feel the spirit of 300 Spartans at Thermopylae. Descend to Thessalikos Kambos—the breadbasket of Greece—before reaching Kalambaka, where you’ll settle into either the Iridanos or Meteoritis Hotel.

DAY 4: Ascending to Monastic Heavens

Monasteries, here we come! We're looking at 5 or 6 sky-high spiritual retreats. And remember, while bus tours may skimp and only show you two, we go for the whole celestial enchilada. After this heavenly tour, we'll share a final Greek meal before cruising back to Athens, with a pit stop to stretch those travel-weary legs.

So there it is, your four-day Greek odyssey in a nutshell. Pack your bags, bring your sense of wonder, and let's make some memories that even Zeus would envy!